We have a qualified and extremely successful team of Benefits Advisors, who in the past months increased the income of local Carers by over £3,000,000.


For most people, becoming a Carer brings big changes to their financial situation. Your income may be reduced, but you may also have added expenses such as heating, laundry and purchases to assist you or the person you care for.

Many Carers and/or they person they care for will be entitled to some benefits but many think they are not entitled too them or think they are already claiming all the correct benefits.

Sorting out your financial situation can seem daunting when you begin to read about the benefit system, and you have to decide which of the many benefits you may be able to apply for.

There are many factors to consider, such as your income, savings and age. Once you have decided, the forms can deter people from pursuing a claim.

Benefits are not the only source of financial assistance, Council Tax Discounts, grants and assistance schemes should all be considered.

Caring can bring on sudden life changes and these changes can have a major impact on a person’s financial situation. One in three Carers are missing out on reductions because they simply do not know what they can claim.

Our Income Maximisation Team can offer help and advice on all Welfare Benefits and can check any entitlement to Benefits.

Once they have checked all your individual circumstances, if you are entitled to any Benefits, they will be more than happy to complete the forms with you, and support you through the application process.

All the information you discuss with our team is strictly confidential. Please telephone 01744 675615 to arrange a free Benefit check



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