The Carers Centre has funding to offer Carers a personalised break . The amount of funding is dependent upon your caring role and not your financial situation and is NOT means tested.

The Breaks Fund can be used for a personal break you decide upon so long as it gives you a break from your normal day to day caring role.

Taking a break and asking for help are all steps to positive mental wellbeing. It is important to consider that feeling emotionally strong and in control will only be achieved in small stages. Focus on one or two things that could help you feel more positive about your emotions, then once you have achieved them, take another step toward feeling emotionally well. Recognise things that make you feel low in mood, and have a plan to deal with them; again this may involve talking to someone else, having a break or learning coping skills in situations you cannot change.

To apply for a break, call our Carer Support Team on 01744 675 615 or drop in.  They will go through your caring role with you and can tell you if you may be eligible - remember, the breaks are not means tested.





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