Our Carer Support Team are dedicated workers who are here to provide you with emotional support whenever you need it.



Your Wellbeing Is Important Too!
Carers often put their own health and emotional needs second, but it is important to look after your own needs. The Carers Centre operates as a drop-in centre for Carers; where there is always someone to talk through any issues you may be dealing with.

Many Carers tell us that just talking about their situation can really make a difference. The Carer Support Officers will always encourage Carers to discuss their caring role with their GP. The impact of caring on health issues can be great, both for physical and emotional problems and it is important that GP’s are aware of the situation in which you care.

The Emotional Impact of Caring
Looking after a family member, partner or friend is something that will happen to most of us at some point in our lives, yet it remains something so many of us do not talk about. Those who do not have a caring role often think of Carers as selfless, strong, capable heroes. The reality is that many Carers feel guilty, resentful, exhausted and isolated. This is because caring for someone can mean that the Carer’s own life, their hopes and expectations, their health and well being are forgotten about. It can be especially frustrating if you feel you spend all your time and energy looking after someone else, and they do not seem to appreciate that help and the effect it has on you.

You may also feel as if you are letting down the person you care for by not doing enough to help them.

Caring for a partner or parent may bring sudden changes to relationships. Suddenly you are doing everything for a parent who has always looked after you or the closeness and love of a partner has gone due to their illness or disability. You may find yourself taking on roles you never expected to.

The emotional, as well as physical demands of caring can be extremely stressful, and sharing your thoughts and feelings can often feel like a betrayal of the person for whom you are caring.

You Are Not Alone
Everyone reacts differently to the stresses of caring for someone, but when we talk with Carers and explore this, they often share so many of the same feelings, which is often reassuring to realise. It is common for Carers to tell us that they are frustrated, feel resentful toward the person they care for, and then guilty for having those feelings. They are angry, perhaps due to having poor information or services, or for the way life has changed for them and their family.

It Is Not All Bad News!
Caring for someone can be so rewarding, giving you a personal sense of achievement and pride. There is legal and financial support available, although we know this has a long way to go and depends on continual consultation and lobbying by Carers and the organisations that support them. And there are things that can be done that go some way to help you cope with the emotional impact a caring role can bring.


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