CARERS SUPPORT GROUPS - Haydock - St James Church, last Thursday of each month 6pm-8pm. Newton - Crownway Community Centre, first Tuesday of each month 1-3pm. Thatto Heath - last Saturday of each month Perth Community Centre 10-12am. Please contact the Carers Centre for further details. All groups provide informal support to fellow carers, and have visits from staff from the Centre. They also have occasional social events.

If you have concerns for the mental health of the person you care for, you and they should approach their GP, who can refer to a number of different services, provided by Halton and St Helens PCT, 5 Boroughs Partnership, and the Local Authority. In circumstances where the person refuses or is unable to acknowledge their condition, the family members can speak to professionals to share their concerns, and can phone the Open Mind service (see below)

St Helens services now follow a 'Road to Recovery' pathway. The initial access into services is via the Open Mind Service 0151 511 5688, and referrals are made by GP, Primary Mental Health Team, ASCH, other agency, or by individuals and Carers. The team is made up of Community Psychiatric Nurses, and are based at Harry Blackman House, Marshalls Cross Road, Peasley Cross. They will do an initial assessment and then refer on to teams involved in the provision of services. They will also refer to the voluntary and independent sector. The team covers both St Helens and Halton

The Assessment Service is a single point of access into secondary mental health services and provides specialist mental health assessment, advice and signposting for adults with moderate to severe symptoms of mental illness. The service operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days per year.
Knowsley and St Helens Assessment Team is based at Knowsley Resource and Recovery Centre, Whiston Hospital, Dragon Lane, Prescot, L35 5DR.
Telephone 0151 676 5263
Fax 0151 676 5271

5 BOROUGH SERVICES  - for full details of services for Carers and Service Users. 5 Borough Services cover children, adults and older people. They range from the Open Mind Service, community and in patient services.

Adult Community Services


  • Harry Blackman House Reception - 01744 621852

• Early Intervention Team – Based at Harry Blackman House 01744 646102. Open Referrals. Team work with those 14 to 35 who have or are suspected to have a First Episode of Psychosis (hearing voices, see things, feel paranoid like someone wants to harm them, or don’t feel in control of their thoughts or beliefs). This includes those with drug/alcohol issues. Work with clients for up to three years, aiming for social inclusion, prevent relapse and provide family interventions and support as well.

• Home Treatment Team – Deals with crisis situations. Telephone 621688 (24 hr service, team cover 9am to 9pm daily, with on call services at other times) - Based at Harry Blackman House, Peasley Cross. Referral usually by GP or Care Coordinator. Team work with those 16 and over who are known to have a severe mental health problem (you may already have been diagnosed with a specific mental illness) and who are in an acute mental health crisis of such severity that, without the involvement of home treatment team, hospitalisation would be necessary. Team provide home based interventions. They aim to get the person back to how they felt before the crisis, and prevent hospital admission.

• Hope & Recovery Team – 01744 736708 – Based at Harry Blackman House.

• Assertive Outreach Service - 646103 - Based at Lord Street, St Helens. Referrals from Care Coordinators and other teams. Work with people who have a severe and enduring mental illness, who have found it difficult to engage with other services, who could be at risk of neglect or who could be a risk to themselves or others. The team aim to assist their clients to live independently in the community whilst receiving the support and services they require

• Primary Care Mental Health Team - These services can be accessed by visiting your GP. They are for people over 16, no upper age limit. If the GP feels support from the PCMHT is relevant, a referral can be made to the team. They will assess and provide services for people presenting with mild to moderate mental health issues known as Common Mental Health Problems who present no risk to themselves or others. Common Mental Health Problems includes anxiety, phobias, mild to moderate depression and stress related disorders that interfere with activities of daily living. The types of therapies offered are:

o Anxiety Management
o Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
o Brief Therapy
o Problem Solving
o Stress Management

• Eating Disorder Service - 0151 430 1321 - This service is based at Whiston Hospital and access would require referral from a GP or via the Open Mind service


CRISPS – ‘Carers Require Information to Support Personality Symptoms’ -
The Personality Disorder Hub of the 5 Boroughs Partnership NHS Foundation Trust have developed awareness training for family and carers of people who have a Personality Disorder diagnosis to a series of two workshops.

These workshops will cover:
• What is a personality disorder
• Treatment and Therapies
• How to help

For more information or to book a place Contact John Chiocci on:-

Telephone: 01925 664042 (Ext 3042)

For CRISPS information Flyer (click here)
For CRISPS Flyer St Helens Events for June 2014 (click here

Older People's Community Services

• Older People's Community Mental Health Team – 01744 646321 - Based in Harry Blackman House, Peasley Cross. Access to this team would be via a GP referral. The team support people over 65 who are experiencing mental health difficulties like anxiety or depression. They also help people of any age who are experiencing memory problems or have a diagnosis of dementia, looking at ways to provide memory support as well as access to anti-dementia drugs. They can arrange access to services such as home care or activity visits

• 0151 426 5885 - Team based at Willis House, Cumber Lane, Whiston. The team helps people over 18 who have a recognised learning difficulty. They also support families and Carers. The team have a wide range of responsibilities which includes duties related to physical health in addition to interventions for managing challenging behaviour and promoting healthy living as well as treating mental health problems and monitoring prescribed medications. The specialist nurses also have a key role in ensuring good communications between services.

Children's Community Services

• Children and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS) - 0151 489 6137 - Based in Huyton at the Wellcroft Centre. A referral would be required from GP, social worker, health visitor, senior school teacher or community paediatrician. CAMHS help children aged up to 16 and their families, to understand and deal with severe, complex and persistent mental health problems. CAMHS provide family therapy

Adult In Patient Services

• Iris Ward (female), Recovery Centre, Peasley Cross - 01744 627501
• Taylor Ward (male), Recovery Centre, Peasley Cross - 01744 627500
Older People In Patient Services
• Stewart Assessment Ward, Peasley Cross - 646835 - Click here for information leaflet
Learning Disability In Patient Services
• Willis House In Patient Unit, Cumber Lane, Whiston - 0151 477 2064 - Offers assessment and treatment for people over 18 with a learning disability with associated mental health problems or other complex needs.

Contact Bernadette Fitzpatrick on 01925 664057



St Helens Mind -  - This Voluntary Organisation is based at Room 66, Harry Blackman House, Peasley Cross01744 647089. St.Helens Mind is a voluntary organisation working with people who are isolated due to mental health problems. They offer a Befriending Service to provide one to one support to individuals who are experiencing loneliness and isolation. St.Helens Mind can provide a Volunteer Befriender to provide friendship, emotional or practical support. We aim to improve the person's quality of life, helping them to become more independent as well as being more involved in the community. St.Helens Mind also runs and supports Groups, has an allotment for people who access our Service and can signpost people to the relevant organisations or support. Volunteers are vital to our work and are much valued. New volunteers are always needed to support local people who are facing difficulty due to mental illness. Referrals to the Befriending Service can be made by the person themselves or by a GP, family member, social worker or other worker who has a professional input. National information line is 0845 766 0163. Fact sheets for Carers and those with mental ill health are available on the website

. Also starting a new Social Group at Crownway Community Centre, Crown Street, Newton Le Willows. Launch date 5th April , 1pm-3pm click here for flyer 

TOGETHER – 01744 752611 - United Reform Church, King Street, St Helens


TOGETHER is national charity providing a range of mental health services. Anyone can approach the service and request support 

• Bipolar Support Group meet on alternate Monday's from 2pm to 4pm
• Other meetings such as the Mental Health Advocate, Julie Waring, who holds sessions there, and advisors from Job Centre, Police Hate Crime Team and DASH. Contact Together for details of dates and times.


This service offers online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Beating The Blues) to people affected by low mood, depression and/or anxiety in the Halton & St. Helens area.
This service is available at four different locations across Halton & St. Helens as follows:
• Newton Family and Community Centre – Tuesdays, 1.00-5.00 pm
• Widnes Library (Kingsway Learning Centre) – Wednesdays, 3.00-7.00 pm
• Halton Lea Library – Thursdays, 2.00-6.00 pm
• Fingerpost Park Health Centre – Fridays 1:00 – 5:00 pm

Halton & St Helens at Home e-Therapy Service
This service offers online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (Living Life to the Full interactive) to people affected by low mood, depression and/or anxiety in the Halton & St Helens area.
The service is accessed from home, and includes weekly telephone support sessions. People wishing to access the service need to have access to a computer, a printer and a broadband internet connection.
Both services can be accessed via self referral or via referral by G.P. or other health/social care worker
For more information and to complete a self referral click on the link


ALZHEIMER'S - See Service Specific info


CARERS REFERENCE GROUP - 758678 - Based at United Reform Church, Ormskirk Street, St Helens. Meet on the second Wednesday of the month, commencing at 6pm. For Carers who wish to contribute to policy making and have a more active role in Mental Health Carer issues.


k - provide advice, support counselling and treatment for addictions, including alcohol, gambling and drugs. Based at Wolverhampton House, Church Street. Counselling, advice and support groups for families of addicted person
c.a.l.m. - 0800 58 58 58 - The campaign against living miserably. Targeted at young men between 15 - 35, the campaign offers help, information and advice via a helpline and website

CIC VOCATIONAL SUPPORT SERVICE - Leaflet available - 0151 709 1950 - Support people with Learning difficulties and mental health needs to access employment. Referrals can come from individuals or Care Managers, and can be funded through Direct Payments. Those not using ASCH will have support to identify funding sources. Costs are £12.44/hour

DUAL DIAGNOSIS DROP IN CENTRES - LEAFLET AVAILABLE – Contact Chris Ollerton on 01744 736708 - Meet every Thursday at 1:00pm at Newton Library. Carers can accompany the person they care for when they attend the meetings. Meetings aim to build the person's confidence and explore service help available

EARLESTOWN SOCIAL GROUP - 01925 221718 - Contact for group is Tony Haselton. For people with personal experience of mental ill health. Meet at Crownway Centre, contact for dates and times.


• 01225 868 682 - Information, advice & support
FAMILY TREE - Charity based in Wirral, but providing training courses for professionals, carers and service users on mental health topics such as OCD, Self Harm, Eating Disorders, Mental Capacity Act. For up to date info on training click here
FAMILY WELFARE ASSOCIATION -   - A family charity, supporting families to cope with complex issues including domestic abuse, parents with mental illness, learning disabled parents and severe financial hardship

FOOTSTEPS - 457110 4th Floor, Tontine House, Church Street, St Helens - For anyone worried about a drug user in the family. Offer home visits and have drop in on Mondays at Newton College, room G17C

KEEP IN TOUCH GROUP - 453343/07948 237945 - Mon/Wed 11:00 to 3:00, St John's Centre, Thatto Heath. Social Group to meet old friends, make new friends and chat, relax and spend time with others who have similar mental health experiences

KOOTH.COM -  - Children and family counselling online. 24 hour service. Web chat and one to one sessions with counsellors

MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE USERS AND CARERS MENTOR SCHEME - A pilot project which aims to support those who wish to have, or already have, an advisory or representative role on committees, Boards, networks, panels and groups. For more information see the leaflets - Could you become a mentor and Would you benefit from having a mentor

MENTAL HEALTH CARE. ORG. UK- this website contains information about psychosis. It has been designed for family members and friends of people who have a diagnosis of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or another illness which may result in symptoms of psychosis.


First Aid Guides are available, click on title to open a copy
Thoughts of Suicide
Self Harm

MEN SUPPORTING MEN - 01744 677058 for information - Town Centre Men's Group to offer support and promote positive mental health to other men affected by Mental illness. Weekly meetings held at United Reform Church Mondays, 09.30 -12.45. Need referral from staff in the Community Mental Health Team or MIND

NEUTRAL GROUND ST HELENS - runs a sports group for people living with mental ill health. Football on Mondays and Wednesdays at 3pm at Thatto Heath Crusaders RLFC training Barn, Close Street, off Elephant Lane, Thatto Heath, WA9 5JD , and Badminton on Thursdays at 2.30pm at Peter Street Centre. Cost is £2 maximum. For further details contact Chris

OCD ACTION - 0845 390 6232 -   - Help and information about services. Information pack available online. National guidelines on treatment, may help those seeking services. Message boards including specific space for Carers
Sandford on 07766275577 or email

PATIENT OPINION - A not for profit social enterprise which has been running a national website for about 3 years. Up until now it has concentrated mainly on hospital care but in conjunction with the 5 Boroughs Partnership Trust, it has now extended and adapted the website for mental health service users, patients and carers. People can go on the website and write a posting of their experience of care and treatment to feedback to the Trust, who in turn can respond on the site to the individuals. If access to the Internet is difficult for any reason, then people can write their experiences down or ring Patient Opinion and talk to one of their staff -

RETHINK - A National mental health charity. They have a range of information sheets on their website. You can order books from them, which aim to guide Carers to get support for themselves and the person they care for as they access services. They also have a section for Young Carers.

RETHINK SIBLINGS NETWORK- information and advice for anyone whose brother or sister has experienced mental illness

SANELINE - 0845 767 8000 - Lines open 12 noon to 2am. All calls answered by trained volunteers (approved by Royal College of Psychiatrists) Support and information about mental illness, symptoms and treatments and services available in local area, support and reassurance during a crisis, for both sufferers and their Carers and families. More info available at


• No Secrets - Support Group for those who struggle with self injury. The group meets every Wednesday between 6-8pm in the Millennium Drop-in Lounge on Bickerstaffe St, St Helens. New members can meet up with the facilitator before the group should they wish to familiarise themselves with the surroundings. This is optional. Referrals can come from professionals, but the group encourage individuals to approach it themselves, giving them some autonomy. If necessary, professionals or family members can accompany a new individual for the first few sessions, then the group support the individual to come alone when possible.
If you'd like to pass on any details of the group in St Helens, or you wish to speak to somebody regarding the service then please contact or call on 07863 736647 Click here to open information leaflet
No Secrets are now forming a group to cover Wigan, please contact  at Platt Bridge Community Zone, 81 Ribble Road, Wigan, WN2 5EG or call on 07846 889 300


SELF HELP LEAFLETS - Click on title to open leaflet
Controlling Anger
Depression and Low Mood
Understanding Voices and Disturbing Beliefs
Obsessions and Compulsions
Post Traumatic Stress
Shyness and Social Anxiety
Sleep Problems
Stress and Anxiety

SHAIR - L87 - St Helens Advocacy & Information Resource. For referral click here. Age UK Mid Mersey is working in partnership with the Coalition of Disabled People to provide an information, advice and advocacy service for the whole of St Helens. Based at 24 Claughton Street, St Helens. Telephone 01744 454530. The SHAIR service gives information and advice on topics such as:

  • Welfare Benefits
  • Help at home
  • Transport
  • Health Matters
  • Understanding Documents
  • Care Homes
  • Local Services
  • Money advice
  • Fuel Poverty

They deliver the service via telephone 01744 454530 Mon-Fri 9am - 5pm. They also have a drop in service Mon-Fri 9.30am - 4pm at 24 Claughton Street, St Helens.

  • Signposting - they point people in the right direction to access the information or service that they need
  • Information - they provide a comprehensive range of factsheets and toolkits to help people help themselves
  • Advice - for when people need support and guidance to navigate their way through issues
  • Advocacy - they can provide support during challenging times to help people say what they need to say, secure things that they are entitled to and obtain the services they need
  • Enabling - they are recruiting volunteers for SHAIR to help others to help themselves. Training will be given to become an information volunteer or citizens advocate, empowering volunteers with new skills and confidence.

  • TOGETHER - provide the Independent Mental Capacity Advocacy service for St Helens. The role of the IMCA is to provide an independent safeguard for people who do not have the capcity to make specific decisions at the time the decision needs to be made, and who have no relative or friend to support or represent them, other than a paid employee. Therefore, in line with the Mental Capacity Act 2005, IMCAs must be instructed in the following circumstances:
    - If serious medical treatment is being proposed
    - If the person is moving home or it is being considered (if the person's stay in hospital is for longer than 28 days, or if they are in a care home for more than 8 weeks, this counts as an accommodation move)
    An IMCA may also be instructed to support a person who lacks capacity in the following circumstances:
    - A care review, where no one else is available to be consulted
    - Adult protection cases, whether or not family, friends or others are involved

    Together can be contacted at 01744 451531. Based at United Reformed Church, King Street, St Helens.

    ST.HELENS SUPPORTED EMPLOYMENT - 07717 677828 - Supported Employment Service aims to enable people with extra needs to make the next steps towards the world of work. They offer work tasters, placements and source voluntary opportunities. They also offer tailor made support to those who need a little extra help to find and hold down real jobs within their community. Service is based within Stephenson's Resource Centre in Rainhill.

    SUPPORTED VOLUNTEERING - 457100 - Service run by CVS,Tontine House, St Helens. Provide specific help to people with moderate mental health problems to access appropriate community volunteering opportunities


    TOGETHER OASIS GROUP ST HELENS - a drop in session for people with wide-ranging mental health issues (e.g. anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder etc) and their carers. Meet every Monday between 9am-11.30am at the United Reform Church , Ormskirk St. Provides a friendly social environment with activities such as quizzes and bingo, they also have regular guest speakers. For more information contact 01744 752611.

    USEFUL WEBSITES  - Information for Mental Health Carers  - information on how to manage the affairs of someone with a mental incapacity  - Good source of information on mental health illnesses. Links to research sites and service specific sites  - covers mental health issues for children and young people




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